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Midlands Women in Tech Awards 2023 - Finalist

     The Advanced Prototyping Facility project at Aston University is dedicated to empowering businesses to explore the vast potential of additive manufacturing (3D Printing). With this technology, businesses can streamline their existing designs and create innovative new products, including top-notch prototypes. This project is an excellent opportunity for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and excel in their respective industries.

     The APF team was a Finalist in the Women in Tech Awards (2022) in recognition of its support for female-led SMEs and engineers, as well as support for university academic staff from minority groups in engineering.

These videos showcase the assistance given to female innovators in developing their products:

     Additionally, the project plays an important function in Aston University outreach programme and has been commended for the diverse range of activities and opportunities it gives its academics above and beyond research.

     The team ran an annual Innovation Woman event in 2022 and 2023 to encourage women's entrepreneurship. It was felt that the female-orientated nature of their approach has allowed the project to access a more creative side of the engineering industry than expected. There is an acknowledgement that engineering remains a male-dominated occupation.

     Moreover, the project has been heavily involved with STEM outreach programmes in local schools, particularly encouraging young girls to engage with science. For example, CityFest, a science festival for school children, was a one-day exposition of technologies that will be used to contribute to future smart city life.

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